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Data Market Austria - Services

The following description explains strategies and workflows in order to design services enabled to run within the stewardship of Data Market Austria (DMA). Before we start, some neccessary preconditions should be met.


These preconditions are necessary for service providers of Data Market Austria services.

  • The user has to be a registered participant of the Data Market Austria association.
  • The user has granted permissions to create services via the Data Market Austria portal.
  • The user has knowledge about REST APIs. For more information, see OpenAPI initiative.

While the former two conditions are about the legal and adminstrative aspects of creating a service, the latter condition is about technical background to describe a programming interface, which is the source of modern distributed applications.

This documentation focuses more on the technical aspects, namely the Data Market Austria service specification, which is an extension of the OpenAPI description standard and in accordance with the Data Market Austria Data description.