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Getting Started

This page is an overview of the DMA documentation and related resources.

What is the DMA?

Data Market Austria is a national funded project with the objective to establish data-service ecosystem in Austria by making use of enhanced technologies to guarantee secure data markets, cloud interoperability and the establishment of a data innovation environment.

A booming data market with an operational data service ecosystem are a crucial driver for employment and economic growth as well as the sustainability of social stability and wealth.

In the following you will find documentation, tutorials and guidelines about various components of the DMA. Please follow the provided instructions and recommendations in order to integrate into the DMA ecosystem. If you need additional assistance or if you identify missing or misleading sections in this documentation, please contact us via

Data-Service Ecosystem

The DMA data-service ecosystem encompass of the following roles:

  • The Data Provider (DP) is an entity (data platform / natural person) that has data in whatever form and delivers it on demand or shelves it at the Broker.

  • A Service Provider (SP) creates services such as enrichment / analysis / visualization / fusion of data, which are provisioned by an infrastructure provider or a data Broker.

  • An Infrastructure Provider (IP) offers storage space or computing power.

  • The Broker concept is usually associated with an intermediary involved in negotiations or transactions. In a data market, the broker facilitates the mapping between offerings and demands of data and services.

  • Data Market Customers (DMC) require the data or data services for mostly professional reasons, such as statistical analysis or for app development. The DMCs define the demand for data and services.

  • End User (EU): Entity consuming (buying) applications, visualizations, etc., contracting directly with the DMC.

DMA Central-Node (Services)